Saturday, September 28, 2013

CBC Giveaway Blog Hop

In July Creative Bead Chat held a huge giveaway to celebrate hitting 2,000 members.  All of the prizes were donated by members.  I was lucky to have won 2 of the drawings!  I would like to thank both Shelley Graham and Suzanne Berk for their generosity.

My first prize were these gorgeous earrings by Shelley Graham of Tori Sophia.  You can find her shop at:

At Bead Fest in August I had the amazing thing happen.  Shelley saw her earrings that I just happened to be wearing that day.  Both of us were so amazed by the chance meeting.  It was great to be able to thank her in person for the earrings.  Thank you so much Shelley, I wear these earrings often.

The second prize I won were these gorgeous Picture Jasper faceted beads.  These were donated by Suzanne Berk of: irescuejewlerydesign on Etsy
Thank you Suzanne.  I just happened to have a large pendant that matched the beads so they have been put together into a necklace.  I didn't have time to take a picture of the necklace before leaving for vacation.

I would also like to that the ladies of CBC who worked so hard organizing this fun event! 

Here are the links to the other participants in this Thank you blog hop:


  1. Lucky you to win these prizes! I would be very happy to win them also! Hope we get to see your necklace another time. Bet it turned out wonderfully! Those faceted jasper beads look wonderful, so I must go visit that shop! I'm already in love with Tori Sophia--and what a lovely pair of earrings those are! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

    1. P.S. I enjoyed your profile statement, Rose! Just joined your blog! :-)

    2. Thanks Sharyl! I really need to spend some time on my blog.

  2. What what great prizes. The earrings are cute and how great to get to meet the gifter. And I love those picture jasper beads. Had my eye on them. Can't wait to see what you did with them. Congrats.